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Tad Barclay

The Dr. Martha Ann Thomson Barclay scholarship was established in 2000 by Dr. Barclay to assist students with a grade point average between 2.33 and 3.0.  This scholarship awards dedicated students who are dedicated workers no matter what their grade card says.  Dr. Barclay felt there were students whom were wonderful hard workers who weren’t considered for many of the top scholarships and were deserving of a scholarship. 

Barclay taught at NIACC for 25 years and after her retirement continued to teach on a part-time basis at Buena Vista University on the NIACC campus and for NIACC as well.  In addition to teaching Dr. Barclay was also a professional speaker and entertainer in both radio and television. 

Dr. Barclay is remembered for her spirit of determination, her commitment to education and her students and her joy of life.   

Scholarships associated with Tad Barclay
  • Dr. Martha Ann Thomson Barclay Scholarship