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John Loeb

The Kenneth A. Loeb Memorial Scholarship was established in 1970 by John Loeb in memory of his son who died as a result of a car accident while he was a sophomore at NIACC.  Preference is given to sophomore students who may be unable to continue without financial assistance.


“When he died, I was a teacher at East High School in Waterloo,” John Loeb said.  “The students there took up a donation that amounted to about $500, and I thought the best thing to do with the money was to start a scholarship in Kenny’s name.”

NIACC’s reputation was one of several reasons Mr. Loeb created the scholarship.  He also recognized the importance of all students to go on to college and become educated.  He feels students who start at a community college have an advantage when transferring to a four-year university.


We’re happy to have this scholarship in Kenney’s name,” Loeb said.  “He enjoyed Mason City very much, and NIACC was definitely something positive in his life.

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