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Dr. Richard Pitman

Roger and Marie Pitman graduates of Mason City High School married in 1933 and went on to live their entire lives in Mason City.  They had two children; lived on a very limited income and yet were able to send their daughter to nursing school and their son to medical school.   While they did not have the opportunity of a higher education for themselves, Roger and Marie instead made it possible for their children.


Both Roger and Marie developed Multiple Sclerosis in mid-life.  Roger worked as parts manager and then service manager for the Pontiac-Cadillac agency in Mason until his health forced his to retire.  He was in a wheelchair for the last few years of his life, however, kept busy at home with leather work and checking by telephone on the safety of other homebound people he knew.  Roger died in 1970 as a result of lung complications of Multiple Sclerosis.


Marie spent the last 15 years of her life a Good Shepherd Health Center in Mason City.  She was in constant pain all those years, but yet managed to be an encouragement to others.  Marie died in 1985 from complications of her Multiple Sclerosis.


According to Joan Birch, the Pitman’s daughter, “Our parents would be pleased to know that others are being helped by this scholarship.  These were two people whom life dealt with rather harshly and yet they chose not to be bitter and gave all they could.”

Scholarships associated with Dr. Richard Pitman
  • Roger and Marie Pitman Memorial Scholarship